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Were do I begin
So basicly I have been really inactive on DA. I keep saying this in everything I have been posting the recent couple of year(s), month(s). Well whatever I have said this a lot.

So sadly this is the end... good bye...

rolls credits

in memory of...


:bulletred: JOURNAL STARTS HERE. >>>>

If you read this, that means I am informing on the fact that I won't leave. I stay with some huge changes in my DA behaviour.
I cut to the chase next.

Wait you are not leaving???
:bulletgreen: NO >>>
No, of course not! though I have really been going around finding excuses to not be on DA. And I like to explain why.

When I first joined DA it was like discovering a new world, I so happen to really like wolves and back then they were sort of a thing here. It's not because of seeing PearlEden appearing on the internet and turned me over to the fandom of "wolves" -_-. As much as I love(d) her work it was because of the dutch childrens books called "Dolfje Weerwolfje" that basicly made wolves my favorite animal then. I was 4 and I was 12 discovering the existence of PearlEden her work.
But her work did inspire me to start drawing, that's why my older work looks a lot like hers.

With her having a lot of fans, a fandom grew where I spawned into not really knowing this was actually a fandom thingy (not even knowing what a fandom is really). I discoverd quickly that I became pretty good at immitating her style and as quick my development grew, my number of watchers did to.

Here I was at my last year of high school. This is a side story though but a neccesary one basicly to emphasize, I had soooooo much time on my hands. {knowing that I had a lot of time is enaugh to skip this next bit of i}
That last year and the years on high school that went before were probebly lazy drawing heaven years one could possibly have. The education I followed was anything but strict and disciplined, we nearly didn't get any homework. Basicly because it had no point, nobody was interested in having high grades, because it didn't matter for you to finish exams. I mean my yearly grades where good though I just made every exam without doing anyting but reading the stuff I had to learn and I remembered it, because it was just really easy. Ooh yeah about it didn't count, well... there were exams and actuall exams. There are only 2 actuall exams that had to be done correctly and they were about when the year ends. You can imagine me being all lazy and then in last moment stress learning all the books in one blow.

No, I mean it. I was really lazy back then but my point is that I had so much time to develop a lot of skills at drawing and that I could be on DA a lot.

You: well that's a nice story though, but what does it have to do with you being not willing to be on DA now.
me: I am getting there, just keep reading.

Yes that's it, so going from all lazy to a place were you have to work hard and were I was willing to work hard. It was something that really sucked a lot of time and energy.
My activity on DA changed from hyper-active to the sobering downward spiral until the point were I am now. logging in on a regulary once a month rate.
I can't discribe all the things I had going on, there has been way too much to recall of the top of my head. So that's one of the reasons, but not my main reason. Though it was my main excuse.

DA depressed me, that's the short story. The How and Why are a longer story.
When being on college and being really productive I discovered something, I wasn't only good at just drawing. There are things I am even better at with way little effort and practice than it used to take me with drawing. For instance painting and assemblage. you've probebly seen the paintings up on this page and the lovely angry horrifying tiger I've posted. (It's not that I don't put any effort in my paintings now, I do put a lot of effort in them. It's just they don't take 20 to 40 hours to finish and that's just plain drawing, not forgetting to mention that most of my drawings do take more time to consider next steps and finding the right collor schemes)

It meant that I feld like I didn't belong on DA anymore, because current network and feeling excluded. Like I said I spawned into a fandom, which was great for the time being, but I had to move on. Which meant throwing that away and a part of me didn't want that.

Also my style changed from indistinctive fantasy creatures to a slightly more but yet still underdeveloped distinctive style. Which meant whatever I posted didn't had the amount of people's interest as used to, sometimes none. I cared a lot about that and I still do, I love to received criticism and lot's of really cool conversation happened mostly in comment sections. And with my painting skills going through I had to miss all those lovely conversations and compliments I used to have in the comment sections.

What makes me extra depressed was the fact that overall my older drawings: wolves, dragons, hybrids, furries etc. Are still being faved and commented even more frequently than my recent work. They are like magnets, as much as people are drawn to Miley Cyrus twerking.
Okay, I might excagerate here a bit. But try to understand that it feels for me like this, for instance: "you are working on a drawing it is nearly finished and you are really pleased with how it is turning out. Somebody behind you says, that's beautifull! Thank you. I really love your desk, it's gorgous!!!"
For me it feld like that. Even if you think that's a stupid reason, take in mind that everyone is his own critic.

I can't blame people on liking my older work, I also can't blame DA for other people their interests and behavior. Even though I have to admit that DA isn't the shiny spot of plain and simple socialnetworking vibrance it used to be. it's still way better than a lot of other social networks and it does give people an equal chance to gain recognition through art
The only thing I can do is to change my focus on DA. I will let go what I should have been letting go a long time ago. Goodbye wolves and dragons go fly to your home and live forever happily after.
With that being said

    1. I will remove a lot of my older works, I will remove one another every now and then. If you want to view them a final time now is the chance.
    2. Also sorry to everyone who didn't had any replies they should have had. I need a clean slate, this means all my notes, messages, updates, all, are                   removed from my inbox.
    3. I will leave a lot of groups including "Canine--United". I will pass the foundership to :iconzieu:, above all she has been doing the upper most for the group           by far. She updated me on many things, which was always a really nice and sweet thing to do.
    4. All my faves will be gone. Yeah that's a bit drastic, I admit. I remove them all, because I simply have way too many faves to go through and sort out by           hand.
Okay again for the record. I have various other reasons about why and how, but I try to keep this as short as possible. I discribed my main point it was just really bugging me.

A clean slate means in short terms an oppertunity for me to rediscover DA and it's art and people.
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Coffee please :)
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Good day,

I'm an art student living in the Netherlands. My study is named Art & Design and has a big influence on my art style. I learn a lot and work on various projects at once.
I love to draw that's how for me it all started. On high school I was quite lazy and drew mostly at school. That was also when I did start to take art seriously. in december 2009 I created a series of drawings that had changed my life and I Like to call that moment my start.

I like fantasy art and impressionism, Though I love experimenting and I try to challenge myself with unknown mediums and things that are completely out of my comfort zone.

Things I do love is music and philosophying about subjects that interest me.
I do love a lot of music from drum n bass to alternative rock, from soundtrack to metal. But I frequently listin now to alternative/electronic/indie music.




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